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About Kevin

The Big 8 and then 4 Accounting firms:  From 1987 to 1995 Kevin worked for what is now known as Deloitte, conducting and managing financial statement audits of large public and private companies.  He had the opportunity to learn about multiple industries and to learn from very accomplished business professionals.  Kevin found the experience to be invaluable as he not only earned to speak fluently the language of business (accounting), he learned the nuances of many different industries. Whether the clients were building jumbo jet aircraft, designing and constructing high rise office buildings, or producing and distributing food around the world, he was exposed to the operational, technological and regulatory environments in which they operated. 

Private Industry:  In 1995 Kevin became the controller for one of California’s largest food processing and marketing companies. This provided the opportunity to do a deep dive into the complexities of a single company in a single industry.  This also greatly augmented the skills and knowledge he obtained from his audit experience and provided a solid foundation in business planning and forecasting.   Additionally, it opened the door to become emersed in business systems.  From 1998 to 2022, Kevin lead teams designing and implementing several enterprise resource planning systems which led to a new role as Chief Information Officer.

Next Peak Financial Group:  In 2002 Kevin and his family relocated to the Sacramento area and he started what has grown into Next Peak Financial Group.  The firm focus from the beginning was to support small businesses and their owners by bringing clarity to the complex financial world they operate in.  The previous 15 years provided the knowledge and experience to serve as our clients’ CFO providing direction in all aspects of their business and personal finances.  At Next Peak Financial Group our staff ranges from bookkeepers to experienced CPA’s so our clients can access the level and amount of expertise needed for their unique circumstances.

Outside of work, Kevin enjoys running and hiking with his family.  Kevin and his wife, Jenny, are committed to investing in the lives of others through their church and other community organizations.