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Wealth Management

Creating Wealth Management

We will work with individuals who need coaching to overcome bad financial habits and start creating wealth.  Our firm is not licensed for securities and investments transactions and we do not practice as financial advisors, but we help clients with establishing and maintaining a budget and thinking long-term.  When the time is right, we will work with a client’s financial advisor or introduce you to one of our trusted advisors to strategize for long-term wealth building.

Clint brings his knowledge and experience with Dave Ramsey’s financial principles to keep things simple.  Dave Ramsey often says that the key to financial success is only 20% head knowledge, but 80% habit.  Unless someone grows up in a household that emphasized healthy financial habits, there’s a good chance those are foreign concepts.

We help you…

  • Figure out your why…. Why do you want to succeed with money? If you don’t define that, it will be hard to stick to a plan.
  • Build a realistic budget that allows clients to live while also keeping their sights on the end goals. If you are not good with money, chances are, you’ve rarely spent less than you make (you have debt), you haven’t saved a lot, and retirement seems like an impossibility.  A budget helps provide a waypoint to keep focused along the path and a place to reflect.  The budget becomes the ultimate process for wealth building!  It’s not incredibly exciting, but overwhelmingly effective.
  • Develop habits that will allow you to save enough for a comfortable retirement by identifying your retirement needs, pay for kids’ college, and give generously.  Because Clint has taught Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University several times, he has the background to walk you through key steps in a slow, methodical way to make sure the concepts stick.
  • Communicate about money. Money issues are one of the leading causes of divorce. We are not therapists.  We do, however, give you homework assignments to make “budget meetings” palatable.  In Clint’s experience, if couples can learn to communicate about money, they open up a whole new level of vulnerability and respect for each other.
  • Find peace when it comes to personal finances. There’s an old proverb that says “Without vision, the people perish…”  Let’s face it, money matters can be stressful and start to affect all aspects of life.  Imagine having a roadmap and the coaching to help that part of life be settled and focused!